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Tesla Rear-Ended by a Loaded 18 Wheeler in The Fast Lane | TeslaCam Live

Is this covered under warranty?

Sure hope it’s totaled. This car has had quite the life in only 5 months. 2 weeks old and front motor and inverter had to be replaced down 1 week. Tow truck company strapped the car down wrong did 5328.00 damage to car had to be repainted and dents in all panels repaired down 3 weeks. Now rear ended by a loaded 18 wheeler in the fast lane. Got lucky he swerved and did not hit us square. Even with all that I will be ordering another ASAP. Traffic stopped ahead truck did not. 285 in Atlanta if you been there you know.

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6 Responses

  1. @Shitbird3249

    If only it were an electric truck

  2. @user-ig8yx6ul5u

    Here you can see that Teslas should not be in the "fast" lane, get this piece of scrab out of the way. Everywhere you can see this sleepy cars in the middle or left lanes sneaking and blocking the traffic to safe elektrical energy. Put them away and give way for free drivers.

  3. @R1LE7_yt

    Good job soldier 💪

  4. @13metalmaggot

    No such thing as a "fast lane" it's called a passing lane.

  5. @leevahal900

    F the Teasya is the big truck ok ?

  6. @alexcrawford5350

    Man, that’s some bad weather out there!

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