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Tesla Car Hydroplanes on Freeway | TeslaCam Live

My Tesla car is totaled. It’s crazy how her name was Storm and it was a storm that killed her lol but now that the insurance companies cashed me out.

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12 Responses

  1. @seanhudson2319

    I mean like any car can hydroplane
    I’m not surprised that when going 60 and hitting a thin body of water causes this

  2. @effigy42

    Why the fuck did they accelerate and turn πŸ˜‚ did the car do that or the driver

  3. @charliedee9276

    0:21, what kind of Tesla has cheapy plastic wheel covers??

  4. @99bx99

    I've hydroplaned lots of times in rainy northern Oregon in my Corvette. I just steer out of the slide and don't take my foot off the gas. Kind of fun, actually.

  5. @sunnyray7819

    That's why the other vehicles were taking it easy.

  6. @MajTom-wd2yt

    So what…

  7. @jwalster9412

    Whi knew Teslas were so efficient they could float on water.

  8. @BlenDeR619

    If autonomous isn’t ready for inclement weather, it’s not safe for public use. If this was driver error, then there are lessons to be learned.

  9. @freedomforever6718

    A very expensive and lengthy repair job.

  10. @pickle4034

    Tire looks deflated

  11. @alexnutcasio936

    Either the worst driving I have ever seen or someone was riding dirty on really bad tyres. We have >300 days of rain here and I've never seen a slide-out like this.

  12. @kendavid891

    Speed was a factor,no car is invincible in rain

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