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Convertible Tire Blowout at 80 mph | Teslacam Live

No update on condition of driver. Several stopped and police called immediately. Nothing on local news so that’s a good sign.

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5 Responses

  1. @ObeseCaligula


  2. @ljmorris6496

    Looks like an '80-81 Fiat, many cars in that era probably can't stay relatively stable during a blowout like a '90s and up car with stability systems and advanced suspensions..

  3. @steve3681

    I think that was a triumph tr8 not a Fiat x1/9.

  4. Hi again Teslacam, can I feature this clip? Credited of course.

  5. @wisewayss

    Hi, we're working on a new project and we think your video would be a great addition. Can we include it? We'll make sure to give you full credit.

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