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Close Call A Truck Was Suddenly Hard Brake and Get in My Lane | TeslaCam Live

Hi all, i was driving with my 2023 X and encountered an accident while on my way back from Houston to Austin, TX

A truck was suddenly hard brake and get in my lane when it tried to avoid a car in front of it.

When the truck got in my lane, I was too close to it and couldn’t stop and need to slide in to the sideway and unfortunately there’s a pickup truck parked on the road side.
I tried my best to slide into the gap between the pickup truck and not hit the truck or the guy.
And my car was hit the fence.

My car front driver side bumper was damaged and the right side camera also damaged.
The passenger side mirror was wrecked and the rear left side tire is broken.
Also has some scratches on both side.

Luckily everyone is fine, my wife and 2 kids (3 & 5 yrs old) wasn’t got shocked or hurt.
And I wasn’t hit any car, only the passenger side mirror was hit the pickup truck door edge and some scratches on the door.

The pickup truck and driver is fine, he car looks like no damage at all, and I wasn’t hit him.

But the big truck which get in my way was driving away in seconds after my car was damaged.

Because I don’t have collision coverage for my insurance, so Tesla insurance agent said they won’t do anything.

I took my car to body shop and currently waiting for repair estimate.

I am going to find a lawyer and sue the Big truck for faulty liability of the accident and asked for compensation for my cost of repairs.

Any advices before I go to find a lawyer to file a lawsuit?

I am in Austin TX.

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  1. @jamielumm9583


  2. @Brian-bc8ds

    Wow, that absolute fool stopping on the shoulder without hazard lights and then getting out without checking… Unbelievable… Death wish…

  3. @chexlemeneux8790

    Cammer must have been blind to not see that coming.

  4. @DanEBoyd

    The idiot in the right lane who stopped should be the one held accountable.

  5. @wasim486

    How much stupidity can you fit in one video. A-hole in the truck comes from a side road straight onto the left lane. Idiot in the right lane fully stopped in the middle if the road instead of taking the shoulder. Did the moron in the truck hit the idiot in the right lane or that debris from yet something else and they decided we stop right here all good. Wtf

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